De Boismenu College

Post date: Feb 6, 2011 5:43:51 AM

The signs of Work in the MSC Mission Office in PNG

De Boismenu College is a house of formation for all our MSC scholastics throughout Papua New Guinea who come to live and study at Catholic Theological Institute (C.T.I), formerly Holy Spirit Seminary, Bomana. This is about five kilometers northwest of the capital city, Port Moresby. We have 23 students currently studying for priesthood at CTI while living at De Boismenu College/ MSC College.

The MSC Mission Office in Australia gave the students some money (Aus$3000.00) for their gardening project at beginning of 2009. In this project the students hope to grow some vegetables and greens to help with their Disadvantaged Youth Program in Port Moresby. They also hope that some of these veggies would be supplied to the Port Moresby General Hospital soup kitchen where the students have regular pastoral visits.

The students used some of these monies to buy spare parts to fix an old tractor which had been caput for almost eleven years. With the tractor working, they can now plough the land for gardening. One difficulty is that they have to look for a plougher which they don’t have. They were looking at fixing an old one which was left there by the brothers in hay days of the college. If this can be fixed, it might do for a while.

You can see here some photos taken with Br. Bernard Peniamo msc who is a student chairman of the DBC Mission Group. Brother is also tradesman in mechanics. He has worked on the tractor with some of his fellow student helpers to get it back on the road. You will see also some photos of the old plougher and gardening grounds which the students had ploughed manually. Some pawpaw trees grown by the students can be seen in the photographs as well.

On the 25th of July the students did a walkathon to raise some funds to help the work of the MSC Mission Office in Papua New Guinea. All the MSC students took part in walkathon. Our Lay MSC also came out to take part in that five kilometer walk. It was hailed a success. We raised almost five grand in that.

That day begin with a dawn Mass at 3:00 O'clock in DBC chapel. Then by 5:00 am we were on our way. The first students arrived at the Unagi Park at 7:00 am. Ms. Theresa. A. Mirou, Ms. Angela. G and Fr. Arnold were the last persons to arrive. Some of the photos of the walkathon are also added.