GOD Sent - Computer Specialist

Post date: Mar 18, 2011 12:47:19 AM

Our prayers are answered.

At MSC PNG Provincial Head Quarter, 2 Mile Port Moresby, we have been having problems with our computers and printers all of 2009/2010 and continued into 2011. To our surprise we have a visiting friend who came all the way from MSC Mission Office, Kensington, Sydney by the name of Mr. Sean Donovan. Sean is a lay missionary and he helps/assist at the MSC Mission Office in Kensington, Sydney. He teachers music, rugby, and is higly qualified with computer knowledge.

Sean's presence at the office in fixing our computers is just like saying ABC. He conducted training to our Priest and Brothers and nuns and office workers. Such training given to us free is of fortune in PNG computer world. First on hand training. He travelled around some of our parishes in the Provinces and enjoyed the sight.

Sean is so humble and a truely servant in the Heart of Sacred Heart of Jesus who came to our level to assist. Thank you Sean for being humble and a lay missionary.

Further more, we take this opportunity in gratitude to Fr. Adrian Meaney (MSC Mission Office Director) for listening to the voice of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in appointing Sean to work with us at MSC Mission Office PNG and the Province as a whole. Also our gratitude to Good Will people of Australia in supporting this computer project and other projects as such.

Sean setting our new colour printer In one of our computer training session.