MSC PNG Mission Office

The Mission Office of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart finances small projects relating to fresh water, AIDS programs, and disadvantaged youth.

MSC works with communities who are committed to being active participants in any project. MSC rejects relationships of dependency and seeks to foster partnership between poor communities overseas and supporters at home. MSC encourage a hands up rather than a hand out attitude. If a community is not willing to be stakeholder in the project then the project will not be approved. MSC encourages self-help and self-reliance among beneficiaries, avoids creating relationships of dependency and involves beneficiary groups to the maximum extent possible in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects.

MSC will support a project based on the need of each community and the level of contribution that community is willing to give. Communities who receive assistance are not limited to Catholics but rather the work of MSC is to benefit all people, irrespective of religion race or political persuasion.